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Love Letter


Sukkulentensammlung Zürich - 24.6.2022

The colors of plants play a big role in how they communicate and with whom. Their color can tell us, for example, how healthy they are. Are they getting enough or too much water? What about nutrients?

Plant colors change throughout the year as the seasons change.

They play a major role in helping pollinating insects understand when a plant wants to be pollinated and when it has already been pollinated. Some plants have specific colors to attract specific pollinating insects. One example is that some flowers bloom at night. These are often white in order to attract mosquitoes or moths by reflecting the light in the darkness.

The fine-tuned interplay between plants and pollinating insects is threatened by the fact that plant colors are changing due to climate change.

In the workshop LOVE LETTER we exchanged ideas about these relationships and activated our collective knowledge as a group about the subject of plant colors.

In the midst of the wonderful succulent collection, we made watercolor paints from plants. We experimented with different artistic processes and created a love letter to our favorite plant.


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