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Ecosystem Assemblages

Project and Workshop

The focus of the project "Ecosystem Assemblages" is to combine scientific inputs with aesthetic-creative experiences. In the workshop of the same name, people in different contexts are invited to collaboratively explore the topics of plant blindness and ecosystem resilience. The workshop is based on conversations with botanists of the University of Zurich, conducted during research at the Plant Science Center of the ETH Zurich.

Content and Purpose

The workshop is an “educational biplane”. Not only the participants profit from the art format but also the involved cooperation and funding partners. All parties can transfer the impact and outcome of the workshop to other fields of impact.

In the workshop participants are introduced to the scientific phenomenon of "plant blindness". Following this, they learn about artists who have worked with and researched plants over the centuries. In the tradition of these experts, the participants reflect on the needs of plants and their relationships to other living beings - and therefore also to humans - in a creative exploration of their own. In the process of creative solution finding the group shares their findings and insights around the topic of ecosystem resilience.

The workshop is an invitation for people in various contexts to explore their imaginative potential towards the creation of a sustainable future.

Project Funding

With the kind support of the Arte Terra Clima Foundation Zurich and the Cassinelli Vogel Foundation Zurich.


The thesis discusses relevant practical and theoretical aspects of the development, implementation and analysis of the ecosystem assemblage project.


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